Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee Hamilton-Clarke is Australia’s leading Eyebrow Artist and Founder of Sharon-Lee Inc. She’s been specializing in brows for over 20 years and is obsessed by them, proving brow makeovers are nothing short of minor miracles.

Based in Sydney’s Woollahra with intermittent Melbourne, Perth, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles tours.

Sharon Lee is a boutique offering. A selection of juices, teas and fresh coffee, full service bar and canapés are all inclusive of the Sharon Lee experience. With a luxurious décor and clientele of celebrities, politicians, top models, TV personalities, sporting legends, the well-heeled, young and old, male and female – great brows are for everyone!

The Sharon Lee philosophy is extremely personalised, factoring face shape, depth and pitch of features, hair line, age, colour and how the individual USES their face. All of these determine the end line and colour correction resulting in the perfect brow for each face every time. No stencils here. It’s all about managing bulk within the brow and angle from above using a wax and lightning-paced wax and tweeze method.

Sharon Lee product range is available in-store, online and at select stockists.